The Grand Costco Adventure


This weekend, a somewhat remarkable thing happened:

I went to Costco in Korea.

Now, if you really need to see why Costco is so amazing, watch this and rock out:

(h/t to friend and former suitemate at Pitzer Brian Winter for the video)

Costco is a guilty pleasure. It’s everything about American consumerism that bothers me. But, it’s also awesome–Costco has everything. In Korea, things were no different. After an hour drive to Daejeon, my host dad announced that we had arrived.

This was one of the first moments I’ve had since arriving in Korea where I felt like I was back in the US (haven’t decided whether that is a good thing or not). The interior looked similar to those in the US and all of the department signs were in English. Kirkland branded products were everywhere. Snacks. Cereals. Lots of samples with friendly salespeople.Even…

Kirkland Kentucky Bourbon.

2013-09-07 17.51.37

Costco is also one of the few places that you can reliably find a large variety of Western products. My host brother, after going on a recent trip to Australia, has become obsessed with Maltesers. In America, we know them as Whoppers–malted milk balls. He wanted them more than anything and we spent a long time looking. Unfortunately, seemingly the only product that the Daejeon Costco lacked was malted milk balls. If you’re a fellow ETA and happen to spot them in Korea, please let me know!



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