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It’s getting real–one week to go!


Last week, I finally received my medical clearance from the U.S. Department of State and the Institute for International Education, which means that Fulbright is actually happening. By Friday afternoon, I had received confirmation of my flights. On July 4th, I’ll be heading across the country to Los Angeles, a long layover at LAX (of course, they would have me back in Los Angeles one more time!), then a little after midnight on the 5th I’ll be on my way to Seoul.

That this Fulbright preparation has all happened so quickly leaves me unsure about how I’m actually feeling. It’s almost too fast to be nervous. Instead, I’m caught up in making sure that I do everything I need to do: filling out forms, reading prep materials, buying luggage and clothes, and learning the Korean alphabet (this last endeavor is the most important and, indeed, most difficult). All of that, and accepting that soon I’ll be the primary conversational English teacher for possibly hundreds of Korean students. Of course, all of my days lately have been mired with procrastination.

If you want to follow along at learning hangul, the Korean alphabet, you can join me in following along here:

One week to go until my year in Korea begins.

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