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Senior year…and a social diversion

It’s taken me some time to get to the point where I can accept that I’m actually a senior in college. This is happening. *Insert 5 or 6 more cliche lines about it being “the end” and having to enter the “real world.”*


But quite seriously, the semester has been both fast and slow so far. While I jumped into my new roles on campus as an Admission Fellow and the Student Senate chair quickly, accepting the academic environment once again has not been so easy. For some reason, going from the 9 to 5 life to a patchwork assembly of seemingly random class times and due dates is not a smooth process. At the same time, being in academia has its wonders. Suddenly, spending multiple hours a day contemplating readings on the nature of technology and politics seems like a fair and worthwhile endeavor. Senior year also makes me want to do it all. Is that normal? I would assume so.

While I stew over my musings, you could check out an event that I would love to be at: A bunch of great organizations are currently putting on the Social Good Summit in NYC for UN Week. It has an incredible list of speakers working to improve the world, and the entire thing is available for live stream. While I contemplate, you should check it out:

Oh, and they have a hashtag: #SGSGlobal

Now, back to that whole “homework” thing. You know, school and stuff.

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