About that election thing…

A few weeks ago, I put up a post indicating that I was running for Student Senate Chair at my College. I could go on for ages about why I love the possibilities of this position, but in short it goes something like this:

Pitzer is one of the few (if the only) institutions in the world where there are voting student members that sit on every standing committee of the College. This has far-reaching implications: students can viably voice their opinions and vote on issues that range from tenure for professors to graduation requirements. However, just because it is codified that students have this option does not grant power: for this endeavor to be successful, students must actively make themselves heard.

For my campaign, I wanted to get people excited about student government again and make them feel optimistic about working collectively as a student body for positive change…and it worked.

I’m excited to be the Student Senate Chair/President of Pitzer’s Student Senate for 2012-2013.

Together with my new Executive Board, I am going to make Pitzer a college that amplifies the power of one of the most active, passionate, and involved student body’s in the country.

So, if you voted or even if you thought about my campaign as a reader: THANK YOU! 


About Jonathan Rice

Fulbright Fellow, Pitzer College alum, and communicator passionate about telling stories that make an impact.

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