CMC must uphold individual rights

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a fantastic organization that protects the individual rights of students, sent a letter to Claremont McKenna College’s President Wednesday questioning the choice to create a fenced in “protest area” during a visit by Condoleezza Rice in the fall.

I’ve been following FIRE’s work for sometime; it’s amazing what a difference their small group of dedicated staffers make. Their involvement could bring CMC’s actions to the national spotlight.

A college should be the place where ideas and expression of all sorts, radical or not, are welcomed as part of campus discourse. That so many highly regarded colleges and universities, including CMC, limit students’ freedom of expression and assembly is a shameful sign of the state of higher education. Sadly, administrators infringing upon students’ rights is the norm in 2012.

FIRE has asked for a response to the issues raised in their letter by April 18. One can only hope, for both CMC and the free speech rights of all students, that the administration takes the letter seriously and, instead of offering a standard PR response, enacts real change.

You can read all of the reporting (including some of mine) on the Rice protest — and FIRE’s letter — at the Claremont Port Side.


About Jonathan Rice

Fulbright Fellow, Pitzer College alum, and communicator passionate about telling stories that make an impact.

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