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Just wanted to drop a quick note on what’s coming up in the next few days!

-The program is flying to Xi’an for the weekend to see the terra-cotta warriors and experience the old city. It should be pretty remarkable. We leave campus in about 45 minutes, and I won’t have any access to internet until I’m back late Sunday. It’s about a two-hour flight, and I’m excited to get out of Beijing for a little bit to experience a different part of China.

-My directed independent study project, China’s Strangers, will be launching next week. And yes, it involves you, dear readers!

-Just made plans for National Day/Week in China. It’s a huge holiday, so we have a whole WEEK off from classes. I’ll be headed to Shanghai, and I’ll tell you more about that trip as the itinerary gets confirmed.

On a personal note, we had our first quiz in Chinese language class today and it was a bloodbath. I was destroyed. Just had to throw that in there.

Now, I’m off to pack, find my passport, and get ready.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions, cool blogs/sites for me to check out, questions, or just about anything else, leave a comment!  I’ll talk to you all again on sunday or monday.

To play us out (what does that mean, to play us out!?), here’s a picture of the pagoda and lake on the Beida campus:


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  1. Bob Gottesman

    你好 The warriors are incredible! Enjoy the spicy beef noodle soup with broad noodles! Slurping is acceptable.

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